The phone call that helped us feed over 1,000 people

I want to share the very best story that shows the power of how one person, one phone call, can make a huge difference. Ms. Barb has been an avid couponer and Katie’s Krops supporter for as long as I can remember. During the pandemic, she and her husband have helped us tremendously.

A few weeks ago, she called Barilla and asked if they would be willing to share a few coupons for her to purchase some of the items we need to continue serving our weekly to-go dinners. After having a conversation about our efforts to feed our community in the wake of COVID-19, they agreed to help. Barilla sent coupons for 200 boxes of pasta and 200 jars of their amazing Vero Gusto sauce made in Parma, Italy. The coupons were not for 50 cents off or even a dollar. The coupons were for the FULL PRICE of the products make the 400 items FREE!

Last night we hosted our first Barilla dinner and fed 400 people. Words cannot express how grateful I am to Barb Janney and Barilla. Every week I think, how much longer will we be able to host a weekly dinner, and every week we are blessed by a wonderful supporter. So is there anyone else out there wants to call one of their favorite companies 😉