The Ridgeville Girls

I want to thank my amazing friends who on a hot, 90 degree day make a point to follow me down a never ending dirt road to support me and plant a garden. Those are my true friends, the people who will always be my friends. It is so much more fun to have friends come and support you when you are doing an event, or in this case planting a garden. Time goes by a lot faster, and even though it was 90 degrees, you don’t even notice the heat when you are laughing with your friends.  After planting we visited the animals which were a hoot! We feed the goats who nibbled on our hands,  we got a laugh out of that, and visited Onyx and Dakota, Mr. Bob’s horses. Mr. Bob gave us each two treats, one for Onyx and one for Dakota.  When I feed the horses I thought they would eat my hand,(well at least that’s what I thought). Dakota was shy, whined and never came up to us because she was so scared. Onyx however lucked out and let us feed and pet him. We had a lot of fun. And we learned that for two weeks over the summer, Mr. Bob will be away and asked us to watch the farm for him. And yes, that includes feeding the goats and horses.  My friends said they would be there right by my side helping me care for the garden on the farm and visiting the animals. THANKS GUYS!!! Y’ALL ARE GREAT FRIENDS!! =D

Thanks to~