The Right Tool for the Job… Thanks Troy-Bilt

My dad always said, “You need the right tool for the job. It will make your work easier and you will work more efficiently.” Well, I had no clue what he was talking about until this spring. In the past we had borrowed tillers from lots of different people to till my gardens. It was a huge challenge to pick them up and move them to where we needed them.   Often they didn’t work all that well. One time the tiller we borrowed broke within the first five minutes of using it. It would take us days to prep just 5 rows for planting.

All of that changed this spring. Troy-Bilt gave me an amazing gift of a shiny red new tiller and a fantastic cultivator. WOW what a difference they have made. We were able to till 12 new rows and guess what it didn’t take days it took just a couple of hours.  Planting was so much easier this spring because the dirt was so loose. I have already noticed a huge difference in the plants. They are growing so much faster and taller. My Master Gardener Ms. Lisa explained that because the Troy-Bilt tiller did such a good job tilling the plants are having an easier time spreading their roots therefore they are growing faster because they don’t have to fight tight packed soil to spread their roots.

To all of my friends at Troy-Bilt, a huge thank you. Your gift has made a huge impact on my gardens and will for years to come. I now understand what my dad was talking about; I now have the right tools for the job all thanks to the wonderful people at Troy-Bilt.