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Do you live in the Charleston/Summerville area? We would love for you to volunteer and help us grow a healthy end to hunger. Volunteers of all ages are welcome to help. Be a part of supplying food pantries, homeless shelters, cancer centers, Katie’s Krops Dinners and families in need with fresh produce. Join our volunteer list to be informed of all opportunities to grow an end to hunger.

    We are grateful for our volunteers who help us grow and serve. We receive many requests for groups to join us in the garden, at our dinners, and in the classroom. Planning and coordinating these opportunities takes up considerable time and resources from our small team. Due to a 75% cancelation/no-show rate, we are unable to offer group opportunities any longer. We want to be good stewards of our resources and ensure we are not taking away opportunities from our young volunteers and families who help us grow. If you are part of a group interested in volunteering in the garden, each member can sign up individually during a regularly scheduled volunteer day. Thank you for your understanding and your invaluable support!

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    Every Katie’s Krops Garden is youth-run. Thousands of children across the country are getting their hands dirty working to end hunger in their communities.

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