Volunteers Needed!

We desperately need help! Sadly we have hit a major obstacle in planting our fall crops in our flagship garden. An animal has started to dig up our garden bed in two sections of our flagship garden. We need to protect our garden beds before we can start planting our fall/winter garden. We have found covers that we feel that will protect the garden beds and our crops. We need to find volunteers to build the covers before we can start planting. If we can find ten volunteers to build two to three covers, we will be able to start planting our fall garden. I cannot stress how important this is and the time crunch we are under. We desperately need to get plants and seeds in the ground. More people than ever depend on our efforts.

Here is an example of what we are trying to build:

If you or someone your know can help build one or two of these covers, we will be extremely grateful! They can be built onsite or offsite. Again, we are at a complete standstill until we can install covers on our beds or risk losing our fall garden. We can be reached at Stacy@KatiesKrops.com or 843-327-3366. Thank you!