Watch Our Video & Help Katie’s Krops Grow

Thrivent is helping us grow! Katie and Growers Cece and Ian created a video on Eventbrite to raise funds for Katie’s Krops. Simply by signing up to watch the video, Katie’s Krops will receive $5! It is that simple

Using this link, Trivent will donate $5 to Katie’s Krops per person up to $1,000. the sign-in, people are asked if they want a follow-up from Thrivent. You can choose yes or no; this does not affect the funding for Katie’s Krops in any way.

In addition, if you opt to donate via the link, Trivent will match your donation up to $1,000. So, for example, if you donate $5 via the link, Katie’s Krops will receive $15: $5 for signing up to watch the video, $5 from your donation, and $5 from the match. 

We would greatly appreciate it if you could sign up and encourage others to do so. We need to reach 200 people to receive the full donation.