We Need Your Help!

With every Katie’s Krops Dinner we serve, we see the need increase. Our last Katie’s Krops Dinner was especially hard as we turned away countless families. Over 600 meals was simply not enough. We are working hard to ensure our neighbors facing challenging times have the healthy, fresh food they need by increasing the production in our gardens and increasing the number of meals we serve, but we need your help.

As promised last week, here are the ways you can help:

1.) Storage Space

We need a location in Summerville to store food/supplies that will also accommodate refrigeration. We are currently turning down donations due to the need for more storage space and refrigeration. Purchasing protein and other perishables for our dinners in advance has become a significant challenge. We simply have no place to store 250 pounds of chicken, milk, and other non-perishables. These items have to be purchased the day of the dinner, which leads to significant challenges. Storage space that allows refrigeration would be a game changer for us and enable us to feed more people and be more productive.

2.) Funds

To keep up with the increasing need, we have to raise additional funds. We are launching a campaign to ‘Meet the Need,’ and we are grateful for a donation of any amount. We take great pride in the meals we serve and will never lower our standards. Everyone deserves a fresh, healthy meal served with love, and we hope you can help.

3.) Extra Large Coolers

We have been thrilled with the number of community members sharing milk with our dinner guests for the past few dinners. However, we needed two additional extra-large coolers to store the milk during the meal distribution.

4.) Milk

Keep the milk coming! Thank you to everyone who has been sharing milk. This is a wonderful way to get your friends and co-workers involved. Our next dinner is on May 9th, and you can sign up to share milk.

Milk Sign Up

Thank you to everyone who has asked about volunteering at the dinners. We currently have a wonderful team of volunteers who prepare, serve, and deliver the meals. Due to space restrictions, we limit the number of volunteers at the dinners. All of our youth volunteers have worked countless hours in the garden growing the food we serve. They have demonstrated their dedication and great maturity to be tasked with helping us prepare and serve 600-plus meals. A parent accompanies all of our youth volunteers.

I want to thank The Knot Burger Pub for reaching out and offering to help us pick up dinner supplies at the restaurant supply stores. This is a task I have been doing by myself, and with the increasing number of meals we prepare, it has become an almost impossible task for me alone to fit everything in my car and lift hundreds of pounds of food. I am so grateful for their support!

We thank you all for your kindness and support. Working together, I am certain we can meet the needs of our community.