Weekly Visits to the Soup Kitchen

At least once a week my mom takes me to the soup kitchen to deliver vegetables I have grown.  I have become with friends with the wonderful people who work there and I get to meet the guest of the homeless shelter/soup kitchens.  When the guests are able to move out of the homeless shelter I don’t usually see them any more and I often wonder how they are.

On Sunday night I got to go visit a family that had been staying in Palmetto House while I had been donating my vegetables there.  They are now living in their own apartment.  It was so special to see them outside of Palmetto House in their own home.  They told me how blessed they are but I think I am the one who is blessed.  I have met so many wonderful people and I am so blessed to have so many people to help me.  My mom promise that she would take me to their new apartment so I can continue to bring them fresh vegetables.  I am so happy that they have a place of their own to call home and I am so happy that the Palmetto House was there to help them when they need it.