Yesterday I met a Prince

Yesterday I met a Prince. He may not live in a castle (though not many of us do these days) but he is worth his weight in gold!

Mr. Prince and I met by accident. He was looking for the weather and he found me. Maybe it wasn’t an accident at all. I think we were meant to meet because we both want the same thing…to make sure there are no hungry people!

When Mr. Prince came across an article on-line in our local newspaper about a food drive I was holding (he was looking for the weather) he wrote the following comment:

"How we can we learn from such a child’s action’s?
I know of what it is not to be able to eat for day’s as a Child and now as a disabled adult.I earn $10.00 too much for food stamp’s. How ever I use a medical service dog and well.. he take’s care of me. So I have to make sure he is healthy.I am cursed and blessed.There are no soup kitchen’s out here in Cross or Monks Corner.Nothing.One my be blessed to obtain a small plastic bag of out dated worm infested food.I have became ill once on a bad can.We don’t want to go there. The hospital bill was some thing else.When your hungry. That is that.I am blessed I have very fertile earth and over the 20 better year’s installed irrigation.My fruit tree’s are heavy and the vinyard will soon be full of quater sized grapes.The shame is I have all the tool’s.Picking poles(Wire basket’s with metal finger’s).I’ll contact this young lady’s Mom and Dad.Maybe they can start a winter garden 60’x140′ or just come and pick the fruit when it’s ready.I can only eat so much and it’s going to go to waste. How can we learn from her? Doing! Even I as desitite will be doing some thing. How about you? Roman Prince"

Yesterday I went to his house in Cross to pick those pears with my friends, dad & mom. His tree is loaded! We picked 223.6 pounds of pears and that is just the beginning (check back for the total number harvest from just one tree). There are still so many pears to harvest. As I promised I brought some food from my food drive & Mr. Prince is helping to get that food to his neighbors in Cross that do not have enough to eat. Thank you Mr. Prince, for giving. Thank you Mr. Prince for helping. Thank you Mr. Prince, together we can make a huge difference!