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The Right Tool for the Job... Thanks Troy-Bilt

My dad always said, “You need the right tool for the job. It will make your work easier and you will work more efficiently.” Well, I had no clue what he was talking about until this spring. In the past we had borrowed tillers from lots of different people to till my gardens. It was a huge challenge to pick them up and move them to where we needed them.   Often they didn’t work all that well. One time the tiller we borrowed broke within the first five minutes of using it. It would take us days to prep just 5 rows for planting.

All of that changed this spring. Troy-Bilt gave me an amazing gift of a shiny red new tiller and a fantastic cultivator. WOW what a difference they have made. We were able to till 12 new rows and guess what it didn’t take days it took just a couple of hours.  Planting was so much easier this spring because the dirt was so loose. I have already noticed a huge difference in the plants. They are growing so much faster and taller. My Master Gardener Ms. Lisa explained that because the Troy-Bilt tiller did such a good job tilling the plants are having an easier time spreading their roots therefore they are growing faster because they don’t have to fight tight packed soil to spread their roots.

To all of my friends at Troy-Bilt, a huge thank you. Your gift has made a huge impact on my gardens and will for years to come. I now understand what my dad was talking about; I now have the right tools for the job all thanks to the wonderful people at Troy-Bilt.

Thanks Mom

This Mothers’ Day I want to thank my amazing mom for everything she does for me. She is always at my side, no matter what. She supports me in sports and with my project. She comes to school plays and events. Mom works really hard too. She helps me with my project, which now has become her full time job while balancing a lot of things other moms do, like commuting to and from school, making lunches, cleaning the house, and finding time for her. My mom is wonderful! I couldn’t do half the things I do without her love and support. She deserves a big hug for everything she does for me and my brother John Michael. Everyone deserves an amazing mom like mine; my life would be a lot different without her. I love you mom! Thanks for being the best mom I could ever ask for!

The Ridgeville Girls

I want to thank my amazing friends who on a hot, 90 degree day make a point to follow me down a never ending dirt road to support me and plant a garden. Those are my true friends, the people who will always be my friends. It is so much more fun to have friends come and support you when you are doing an event, or in this case planting a garden. Time goes by a lot faster, and even though it was 90 degrees, you don’t even notice the heat when you are laughing with your friends.  After planting we visited the animals which were a hoot! We feed the goats who nibbled on our hands,  we got a laugh out of that, and visited Onyx and Dakota, Mr. Bob’s horses. Mr. Bob gave us each two treats, one for Onyx and one for Dakota.  When I feed the horses I thought they would eat my hand,(well at least that’s what I thought). Dakota was shy, whined and never came up to us because she was so scared. Onyx however lucked out and let us feed and pet him. We had a lot of fun. And we learned that for two weeks over the summer, Mr. Bob will be away and asked us to watch the farm for him. And yes, that includes feeding the goats and horses.  My friends said they would be there right by my side helping me care for the garden on the farm and visiting the animals. THANKS GUYS!!! Y’ALL ARE GREAT FRIENDS!! =D

Thanks to~







A Big Thank You!!!

My school garden is planted and looks fabulous! For the first time the kindergarten came out to help and did an amazing job!!! They had a great attitude and listened to all directions. I was so impressed. I met an adorable little girl named Nicole. She was so nice and we worked together for a long time. She asked me lots of questions like how I started the garden. I wondered around helping the little kids plant vegetables. My brother is in kindergarten and he and his friends were so helpful.

2nd grade came to help too. They finished so fast!! And did a good job at that. In-between high school classes came and worked harder than I could ask for. They planted, hauled compost & dirt, set tomato cage, placed the hay for mulch and tilled.  And finally my class came. They finished off the garden. It looks amazing! It is so great to have so much help.

I want to thank everybody who made this garden possible, Troy Bilt, Bonnie Plants, Flowertown Garden Center, Disney Friends for Change, Epcot Gardeners, Pinewood, and kindergarden, 2nd, high school, and 5th grade. I also want to give an extra special thank you to Ms. Lisa, Ms. Darcey, and my mom who worked really hard from7:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.. THANK YOU!!!

Earth Day Fun!

My planting day at Children’s Orchard in Summerville was a success. The kids were really excited to plant the seeds and did a great job at it. It was fun to talk to little kids and see how excited they were about gardening. I hope their seeds sprout into garden dreams like mine. I love working with Children’s Orchard (and I love shopping there, they have super cute clothes!).We are setting the date for our second vegetable donation day this summer. As soon as I have the date I will let you know so you can mark your calendars. A big thank you to my great friend Chloe for coming and helping out.